The little play that won’t die


This is the poster for the 4th Production of Medea’s Got Some Issues

I met Lisa in September of 2013, in Washington DC, where we gathered for a reading of new Spanish plays sponsored by Spain Arts and Culture at iconic DC Landmark know as “The former residence of the Spanish Ambassador“. Its mix of splendor and decay was the perfect setting for Lisa to become the title character in “Medea’s got some issues”, a scorned woman who can jump from the sublime to the gutter, and back, in one microsecond.

That night, Lisa became the third actress to take over the role (I’ve been so lucky as to have the fierce Debora Izaguirre playing her in Spain and Argentina and the always suprising Ana Asensio playing her in New York, Chicago and Estonia). Debora and Ana are two of the hardest working actresses I have ever worked with. Both of them propelled this little one-woman show in radically different directions. I’ve learned so much from them as a human being, as a director and as a playwright, and I want to thank them for everything they have done for me and for this play. I have no doubt that their versions will continue to tour in years to come.

I knew Debora and Ana before we worked on their versions, but that night in DC the play was in the hands of a total stranger and knowing the difficulties of the text, I was nervous, I must admit. But, and the end of the reading, as the crowd gave Lisa a rowdy standing ovation, I remember thinking: “how is it possible that I wrote this play without knowing this woman?” It was one of those magical moments when the material seemed to have been written as a vehicle for the actor. (And not the other way around).

The play starring Lisa, directed by Joshua Morgan for No Rules Theatre, went on to the DC Capital Fringe Festival to much critical acclaim in 2014.

Now we’re under rehearsals on a new version (This play is adapted to every actress, every theater, and every city where it’s played) Lisa will present this new reincarnation of Medea at Stage773 in Chicago. I’m so excited that we managed to bring Lisa all the way to Chicago just for this run.

Opening Night will be Friday, February 26th at 7:30.







From left to right, posters for the Spanish production of the show, with Debora Izaguirre; for the NYC version of the show starring Ana Asension; and the Capital Fringe Production with Lisa Hodsoll.

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